Murnauer Moos marshland

The Murnauer Moos marshland is located in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchem on the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps and to the south of Murnau and the Staffelsee lake

Horn sled races

These rustic sleds race through the valley at speeds of up to 100 km/hour and if you’re not careful, you might end up limping to the finish line clutching only a few broken pieces


The Hörnle is the first mountain in the Ammergau Alps that rises from the alpine uplands and is Bad Kohlgrub’s local mountain


Enjoy a trip up to the Laber with the nostalgic funicular in Oberammergau.


You can easily travel up to the 1200 m-high ski resort by taking the Kolben chairlift

The King Ludwig Race

This is part of the Worldloppet and Euroloppet races, the cross-country series of the German Ski Association (DSV-Skilanglauf-Serie), and the Ski-Classics Series


At 2,962 m, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain peak in Germany and the Wetterstein mountain range in the Eastern Alps



The entire area of the Staffelsee lake including all of its islands belongs to the Seehausen am Staffelsee municipality.

Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster – the world’s longest, weather-proof toboggan run with a magnetic braking system.