Horn sled races

You might have already heard about our traditional horn sled races, a traditional, typically Bavarian event that takes place every year in Partenkirchen on Epiphany.

These rustic sleds race through the valley at speeds of up to 100 km/hour and if you’re not careful, you might end up limping to the finish line clutching only a few broken pieces.
Up to 120 teams, with 4 members each, take the 1200 m long runway to compete fiercely for the Bavarian Championship for men’s and women’s teams.

The first horn sled race was held in 1970.

Today, the gritty championship attracting thousands of spectators is a professional event. The race track is prepared and secured with perimeter boarding,
the times are computer-evaluated to the nearest thousandth of a second
and the witty announcer provides a fantastic atmosphere.

The “Hohe Weg”, around 1 km long, runs from Partnachalm to the door of the horn sled team’s club house in Partenkirchen.

By the way: the sled takes its name from the runners, reminiscent of horns. The sleds, which can be two to three metres in length, were formerly used as a working tool by farmers. They used them to transport hay from the hay from the higher elevations to the main farm in the valley or to haul lumber out of the woods. Many of the sleds taking part in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen run are originals, often over 60 years old.

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