Herrenchiemsee Palace

The Herrenchiemsee New Palace is located on Herrenchiemsee, the largest island on Chiemsee lake. It is occasionally also called Herrenwörth New Palace after the island’s previous name.
Construction of the palace started in 1878 under the fairytale King Ludwig II, based on the Palace of Versailles in Paris.
Herrenchiemsee Palace was Ludwigs II’s last great building project and he occupied it for only a few days. The work ended with the death of the king in 1886, with many parts of the building remaining unfinished.

It is open to the public and you can visit the gardens and the inner rooms. The south wing of the palace has housed the King Ludwig II Museum since 1987.

Construction of the “Bavarian Versailles” started in 1878 according to the plans made by Georg Dollmann. In 1886, when King Ludwig II died, the palace was still not completed. A few parts were subsequently removed.

The great showrooms include the grand staircase, the state bedroom and the great hall of mirrors.
The intimate small apartment is in the French Rococo style and served as the King’s apartment.

In 1876, court garden director Carl von Effner submitted the final plans for a large-scale garden modelled on Versailles. At the time of the King’s death, only those parts of the garden along the main axis were completed with their famous fountains and water features.

The museum is housed in twelve rooms with a modern design on the ground floor of the south wing and was opened in 1987.

The King Ludwig II Museum is dedicated to the life stages of Ludwig II from his birth to his tragically early death, with the help of painted portraits, busts, historical photographs and original robes.

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